Here are cakes which are inspired by real buildings. The Bakers who made these cakes are super talented. You will be amazed to see these real building inspired cakes. The talent of these Bakers really needs to be appreciated. These cakes are made in form of real buildings and result is incredible.

1. Philadelphia Art Museum

Philadelphia Art Museum

2. The Vatican

The Vatican

3. Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium

4. Alberta Legislature Building

Alberta Legislature Building

5. Petit Seminaire de Quebec

Petit Seminaire de Quebec

6. Patio De Los Arrayanes

Patio De Los Arrayanes

7. Haymarket Train Station

 Haymarket Train Station

8. Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

9. New Museum

New Museum

10. Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center

11. IKEA


12. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House