Bored of your old sunglasses? then it is time to give them a makeover. Here are some DIY ideas to give your sunglasses a stylish makeover. Now, you can turn your old sunglasses into new and something stylish with these DIY ideas. Do not forget to share this post with your friends to let them know about these DIY ideas.

1. Polka Dot Sunglasses

Polka dot lovers will love this DIY and it is very easy to add polka dots on sunglasses.

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2. Color Pop Sunglasses

color pop sunglasses are perfect for summer specially when you are going on beach.

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Color Pop Sunglasses

3. Painted Sunglasses

How about painting your sunglasses with Nail Paint?

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Painted Sunglasses

4. Bejewelled Sunglasses

Make your own bejewelled sunglasses at home by following few steps.

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Bejewelled Sunglasses

5. Flag Frames

Take out your Sharpie pens and make these flag frames.

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Flag Frames

6. Floral Sunglasses

How cool these floral sunglasses looks.

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Floral Sunglasses

7. Rhinestone Sunnies

These embellished sunglasses look so classy.

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Rhinestone Sunnies

8. Stripe Shades

Here is another quick DIY to give your sunglasses a cool makeover.

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Stripe Shades

9. Party Sunglasses

Get ready to make your own party sunglasses at home.

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Party Sunglasses

10. Neon Nail Art Sunglasses

How cool is this to make your own neon shades at home.

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Neon Nail Art Sunglasses