Hello Pizza lovers! it is time to say goodbye to your pizza delivery boy because here are some easy delicious pizza recipes which are very easy to make. Get ready to give your family and friends a pizza treat with these homemade pizzas.

1. Artisanal margherita pizza

Here is the most classic pizza filled with cheese, tomato sauce and fresh Basil.

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Artisanal margherita pizza

2. BLT Pizza

How about giving makeover to your favorite sandwich by making a BLT Pizza.

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BLT Pizza

3. Easy Spanakopita pizza

A pizza which is perfect combo of egg and yogurt .

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Easy Spanakopita pizza

4. Fennel and sausage pizza

Here is a quick recipe of pizza which is made in 15 minutes.

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Fennel and sausage pizza

5. Italian Pizza

How about an Italian Pizza which has heavenly taste.

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Italian Pizza

6. Tuscan margherita pizza

Throw party and serve this pizza and i guarantee you they will love it.

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Tuscan margherita pizza

7. Lidia Bastianich’s pizza

Wow! This pizza looks so tempting.

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Lidia Bastianich’s pizza

8. BBQ chicken pizza

Best thing about this yummy pizza is that it is made under 30 minutes.

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BBQ chicken pizza

9. Pita pizza with hummus and mint

This pizza is topped with healthy veggies and protein-rich hummus.

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Pita pizza with hummus and mint

10. Grilled vegetable pizza

Give vegetable pizza an authentic taste.

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Grilled vegetable pizza

11. Prosciutto and arugula pizza

If you do not have time to make pizza dough then flatbread for quick substantial base.

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Prosciutto and arugula pizza

12. Skillet pizza

Here is last but not least recipe of yummy pizza to make in less time.

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Skillet pizza