Make a cool wreath for this summer at home by following few easy steps. These Summer wreath crafts ideas are very easy and beautiful. Your front door will give your perfect summer feeling with these Summer wreaths.

1. Summer Lemon Wreath

How cool it is to make a lemon wreath. Go and buy some lemons to make this beautiful wreath.


Summer Lemon Wreath

2. Cupcake Liner Wreath

This wreath looks really adorable and you need cupcake liners and few more things to make it.


Cupcake Liner Wreath

3. DIY Summer Wreath

How cool this wreath looks!


DIY Summer Wreath

4. Driftwood Wreath

Collect some Driftwood and make this wreath to decorate your front door.


Driftwood Wreath

5. Fixer Upper Magnolia Wreath

Make this Magnolia wreath and give your front door a summer look.


Fixer Upper Magnolia Wreath

6. Succulent Wreath

Greet your guest with a sweet Hello with this wreath.


Succulent Wreath

7. Tulip Wreath

This wreath looks extremely beautiful and i know you will definitely make it.


Tulip Wreath

8. Hydrangea Wreath

Choose the flowers of your own choice and make this wreath.


Hydrangea Wreath

9. Watermelon Wreath

Create this wreath with colorful fabric strips to a wire frame.


Watermelon Wreath

10. Initial DIY Wreath

Hang this wreath on your front door to get a perfect summer feeling.


Initial DIY Wreath