If you have fabric scraps leftover then here are some of the best ways to use them. You will be glad to know that you can create many beautiful things with Fabric Scraps. Do not forget to share these awesome ideas with your friends by clicking the share button. These fabric Scraps DIY ideas are great for those who love crafts activities.

1. Phone Wallet

Create this little cute wallet to keep your phone in it.

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Phone Wallet

2. Fabric Necklace

You need to tie scraps of fabric around marbles to create this pretty Necklace.

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Fabric Necklace

3. Kids Belt

Your kid will love this belt and you need strip of fabric and ring.

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Kids Belt

4. Fabric Bows

Your baby girl will be happy to see these handmade fabric bows and it will look really cute.

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Fabric Bows

5. Little Tie

Making this little tie is very easy and your little boy will look adorable in it.

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 Little Tie

6. Pencil Case

Make this pencil case for your children at home by following few easy steps.

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Pencil Case

7. Owl Toy

Here is a perfect owl toy to gift your children and i am sure they will love it.

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Owl Toy

8. Key Chains

These key chains are easy to make and very unique.

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Key Chains

9. Hexagon Tetris Bag

How cool this hexagon tetris bag is looking. Make your own bag at home with fabric scraps.

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Hexagon Tetris Bag

10. Pocket Warmers

Making these pocket warmers is very easy and you need only five things to make it.

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Pocket Warmers

11. Bobby Pins

Make these bobby pins with fabric scraps and gift to your daughter.

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Bobby Pins

12. Fabric Scrap Bracelets

Make these fabric scraps bracelets at home at low cost.

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 Fabric Scrap Bracelets