Use seashell for amazing crafts projects and make some awesome stuff from it. Here are some seashell DIY projects which are easy but very creative. You can use seashells for your art and craft projects and can create many amazing things from it.

1. Clam Shell Centerpiece

You can turn shells into a beautiful centerpiece to decorate your table.

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Clam Shell Centerpiece

2. Shell Bouquets

You can make a pretty bouquet from Seashells and it is one of the best bridal bouquets.

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Shell Bouquets

3. Seashell Shadow Boxes

These seashell shadow boxes are very easy to create and gorgeous too.

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Seashell Shadow Boxes

4. Seashell Candles

This cute seashell candle is easy to make and you can fill it with the scent of your choice.

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Seashell Candles

5. Seashell Hair Pins

Wow! How cute these seashell hair pins are. Your summer look will be more perfect with these hair pins.

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Seashell Hair Pins

6. Seashell Mini Aquarium

You can decorate this mini aquarium with seashells and it will look really adorable.

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Seashell Mini Aquarium

7. Clam Shell Critters

Your kids will love these cute Clam shell critters and you just need to paint them then add some small eyes.

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Clam Shell Critters

8. Beachy Christmas Ornaments

This Beach themed Christmas Ornament is so cool and you need to collect your favorite beach items to decorate it.

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Beachy Christmas Ornaments

9. Mermaid Necklaces

This Mermaid necklace is made from Seashells and few more things. It looks really pretty.

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Mermaid Necklaces

10. Beach Jars

These Beach Jars are easy to make and perfect to give your home a beach look.

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Beach Jars

11. Clam Shell Wreath

Collect shells and make this cool wreath to give your home entrance an elegant look.

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Clam Shell Wreath

12. Clam Shell Lanterns

Add shells to your path lanterns and give your front door a gorgeous look.

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Clam Shell Lanterns