Kate Middleton is so classy and never miss a chance to amaze us with her beautiful looks. Here are some amazing looks of Kate which will remind you of a Disney princess. She is a lady with class and beauty. Have a look at these awesome Disney princess looks of Kate Middleton.

1. Kate is looking like as Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’. She is looking pretty in this Temperely London dress.

The Little Mermaid

2. This look of Kate reminded us of Belle’s ballgown from ‘Beauty And The Beast’. Kate is looking extremely gorgeous in this gown.

Beauty And The Beast

3. Kate’s dress has similar wrap style as Mulan’s hanfu gown. She is looking pretty as always.

Mulan's hanfu gown

4. Kate is looking like modern day Snow White in this yellow dress.

Snow White

5. Kate’s dress is just like Merida and not only dress but she wore her hair down like Merida.

Kate as Merida

6. Kate’s dress has same shades as Anna’s dress from ‘Frozen’. She is looking cute and pretty.


7. Another look of Kate inspired by ‘Frozen’ but this time she is looking like Elsa.

 Kate as Elsa

8. Kate is looking stunning in this cocktail dress and stone on her necklace reminded us of Pocahontas’s pendant choker.


9. The combination of this outfit reminded us of Esméralda’s dress. Kate is classy and she knows it.


10. Kate is looking beautiful like Cinderella in this gown. She wore her hair back into a bun like Cinderella.


11. This look of Kate reminded us of Megara. The color of dress is same and she wore her hair back like Megara.


12. Kate’s dress shade is same as Tiana’s dress. She is looking so cool in this outfit.