Summer is the time to drink yummy and cool drinks or cocktails and we are here with some mouth watering cocktail recipes. These yummy summer cocktail recipes are enough to beat the heat. Try out these recipes to give yourself and your family a perfect summer treat.

1. Honeyed Cherry Daiquiri

Wow! how delicious this cocktail looking and i am sure you are going to try it at home.

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Honeyed Cherry Daiquiri

2. Tequila Sunrise Mimosas

This yummy cocktail is so refreshing and you need to follow few steps to make it at home.

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Tequila Sunrise Mimosas

3. Frozen-Grape Sangria

Here is a cocktail which is perfect combination of grapes, granny smith apple, lemon and few more ingredients.

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Frozen-Grape Sangria

4. Lava Flow

How about a yummy Lava flow? You will love this drink.

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Lava Flow

5. Rosemary-Infused Honey Sidecars

Here is a classic cocktail which is combination of honey and rosemary.

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Rosemary-Infused Honey Sidecars

6. Boozy Julius

Here is a super easy recipe of Boozy Julius which is very easy to make.

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Boozy Julius

7. Peach Melba Mimosas

This yummy cocktail is filled with peaches and sweet berries which is enough to beat the heat.

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Peach Melba Mimosas

8. Mojito Slushies

Have you ever thought Mojito can be so refreshing? If not then check out this recipe.

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 Mojito Slushies

9. Pineapple-Tequila Cooler

This recipe comes from Joe Companale, beverage director and co-owner of dell’ Anima in New York City.

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Pineapple-Tequila Cooler

10. Rosé Sorbet

Enjoy this yummy cocktail which is so refreshing and very easy to make.

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Rosé Sorbet

11. Orange-Ginger Margarita

Oranges are everyone’s favorite and if you too love oranges then this cocktail recipe is for you.

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Orange-Ginger Margarita

12. Fruity Wine Slushies

Frozen cocktails are best and here is another yummy cocktail recipe which is so tempting.

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