Some people are born with best sense of humor and these tweets are proof of it. Here are some of the funniest tweets of people which are hilarious and sarcastic. Give yourself a dose of laughter by reading these funny tweets. Do not forget to share it with your friends to make them laugh.

1. Lol! This Person Is Forever Alone

2. That’s Called A Foodie

3. He Is Pissed Off Because Of Auto Correct

4. Oops! They Want Cake Not Talking Cake

5. Lol! What An Example

6. Lol! He Thinks Too Deeply

7. His Sense Of Humor Is Hilarious

8. Rofl! Can’t Stop Laughing

9. Lol! She Is Not Literally Dead

10. Lol! He Got Passed In Test

11. Lmao! She Hates Herself But Damn Funny

12. Lol! His Sense Of Humor Is Great