summer is here and we are here with some easy and amazing crafts project. These Summer crafts project are easy yet amazing You need few things for these crafts activities and it is not expensive at all. Follow these simple instructions to give your home a new look with these awesome crafts project. Click on the link to get the full tutorial

1. Flower Fairy Lights

Make these awesome flower fairy lights with scrapes of fabric, scarves and few more things. You can hang them around bedroom mirrors or anywhere where you want to.

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 Flower Fairy Lights

2. Paper Pinwheel

Make this Paper Pinwheel with patterned papers and you know what it is best for summer party decoration also. You can decorate your home with this cool paper pinwheel by hanging it anywhere.

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Paper Pinwheel

3. Mason Jar Lights

Your backyard needs to be lighten up and Mason Jar Lights craft idea is best to light up your backyard. Follow these simple instructions to make your own Mason Jar Lights.

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Mason Jar Lights

4. Pennant Lanterns

Paper lanterns are very easy to make and they look really cool. You can decorate your paper lantern with washi tape, semitransparent tape decorative paper tape.

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 Pennant Lanterns

5. Bird Feeder

Square shape Bird feeder is very easy to make and it is very good to keep bird feeder in backyard or terrace to feed the birds. follow these simple steps to make square shape Bird Feeder.

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Bird Feeder

6. Tropical Topiaries

Make this tropic topiaries with drink umbrellas. Welcome your guests with this amazing craft.

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Tropical Topiaries

7. Cocktail Umbrella Pendant Lamp

Make this cool pendant lamp with umbrella sticks and few more things. This pendant lamp is really a cool idea for this summer. You can hang it near the window or anywhere.

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Cocktail Umbrella Pendant Lamp

8. Spray-Painted Tassel

Make tote, slipper and hat at home by following these steps. This is really a cool idea to make your own accessories at home.

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Spray-Painted Tassel

9. Sun Print Pillows

How cool it is to make your own pillows at home. Make these beautiful sun print pillows by following these steps. Sun Print Pillows will give your living room a cool look.

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Sun Print Pillows

10. Shell Flower Pots

Give flower pots a different look making by trimming them with seashells. Your flower pots will look really cool with this craft idea.

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Shell Flower Pots

11. Clamshell Wreath

Making clamshell wreath is very easy and you do not need to spend many pennies to make it. Follow these simple steps to make this wreath.

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Clamshell Wreath

12. Painted Pots

Painted pots will give your backyard cheerful look and making it is very easy. Colorful pots give garden more lively look.

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Painted Pots