Here are some amazing Mason jar crafts project to make at home. You can use mason jars for your crafts project and i am sure you will be amazed to see how a mason jar can be used in so many different ways. Mason Jars are not waste if you know how to reuse them.

1. Turn your old mason jar into sewing kit and you can put small stuff in it like scissor, safety pins, tape, needles and other small stuff of your choice.

sewing kit

2. Make some awesome candy jars with mason jars. You need mason jars, paint and plastic toy animals for this project. This DIY is best for your kid’s party and your guests will be impressed to see these candy jars.

candy jars

3. You can put mason jars in bathroom to keep items like cotton balls. toothbrushes and toothpaste. It is cool and low cost DIY to organize your bathroom.

Bathroom Organizer

4. You can use mason jars as salt & pepper shakers. You need to put the hole with hammer and nail in jars and your salt & pepper shaker is ready.

salt & pepper shakers

5. Lets make your own soap dispenser with mason jar. You need to drill a hole to fit the width of a soap.

soap dispenser

6. Grow small plants in mason jar and put it in your garden. You can decorate your garden by making mason jar terrarium.

 mason jar terrarium

7. You can turn mason jar into drink jar by putting a small hole in it. It is the best idea to drink coffee, tea or any other drink.

drink jar

8. Turn your old mason jar into beautiful vase by painting it with the color of your choice. It is the best decor idea which is less expensive but beautiful.

Mason Jar Vase

9. Turning your mason jar into beautiful hanging lights is the best idea. You can hang it anywhere and it will look so cool. Fix the lights properly then hang it.

 hanging lights

10. Combine old crystal candlesticks and mason jar to create the most beautiful wine glasses. You need mason jar, Glass candlesticks, sand paper and glass glue to make this wine glass.

wine glass

11. You can make colorful cups with mason jar. You need to cut balloons then pull them over mason jars. You can use this DIY for party decoration.

 colorful cups

12. Lets feed hungry birds by making your own bird feeder at home. Turning mason jar into bird feeder is very easy and you can hang it in your backyard or terrace.

bird feeder